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Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions, as mentioned on this page, are applicable to all customers of Target Jackets. By continuing to brew the website of the company, you agree to all clauses of this terms and conditions policy.

Intellectual property rights

All images and content posted on this website is protected under intellectual property rights. IPR also covers the designs and of the products as well as the name and the logo of Target Jackets. Any use of such material by any company or individual will be considered a violation of these rights and he shall be liable to prosecution by us.

We reserve the right to change or modify the content on the website of Target Jackets. This includes images, descriptions, and even the prices of our products. We try to notify our customers about these changes as soon as possible. Inconvenience caused to customers on account of these changes is deeply regretted. To avoid disappointment, we encourage all our esteemed customers to visit this page to be apprised of changes in our terms and conditions.

Terms governing the sale of products

As soon a product is ordered, its confirmation is sent to the customer through an email containing the transaction number.
Information about the customer is stored by us for the purpose of processing the order
Financial details of the customer are checked by a third party and they are not used or stored by us
Item is dispatched from the warehouse or its manufacturing initiated

The product is shipped at the address of the customer

We reserve the right to not process the order of a customer on account of non-availability of the item, error because of faulty description, or because of obnoxious behavior of the customer.

Pricing Policy

All prices of products are mentioned in US dollars. All payments are accepted in this currency only. The prices mentioned against each product are inclusive of all taxes though customers have to pay standard shipping charges payable at the time of checkout. Taxes or duties levied by counties are the responsibility of the customers. We reserve the right to make changes in the prices of our products anytime we desire. Customers cannot complain about higher prices of a product that was priced at lower prices earlier.

Description of products and other content on the website of Target Jackets may contain links to other websites. We do not take any responsibility for the content of these websites as we have no control over them.

Target Jackets realizes the importance of fast and important shipping. It understands how important it is for the customers to receive products purchased by them in excellent condition and in a fast and efficient manner. This is why we have tied up top courier services like FedEx and DHL as they are reliable and known for their timely deliveries.

We have a shipping policy in place to ensure the timely and efficient delivery of products to our customers. Here are the salient features of this policy that are easy to understand for all customers.

Target Jackets ensures delivery of products at the address of the customer within 10-15 working days. This includes manufacturing and dispatch from the warehouse if the product is not already ready.
We send an electronic receipt of purchase to the customer as soon as the order is confirmed.

We also send a code using which the customer can track the progress of his order. The customer can know the exact day on which the product will be delivered at his address with the help of this feature.

We have tie-ups with courier companies like UPS, DHL, and FedEx to provide shipping services to our customers.

Please make sure that you have provided the exact physical address with the nearest landmark to get the product on time. Many customers give their P.O address which makes it difficult to track their real address for us.

If you have any queries after ordering a product on our website, you can contact us at to get answers from them.

The time frame of 8-10 days of delivery time does not apply to custom jackets. Once the order has been confirmed, we will notify the customer of the time frame within which he can expect the delivery of his custom-made jacket.

The delivery time of products ordered on our website is not definite. There can be unforeseen circumstances compelling us to delay the delivery of ordered products from our website.

Target Jackets delivers products to all parts of the world. Shipping is free for customers living in the USA, UK, and Canada. Standard shipping charges apply to customers living in other countries of the world. Please consult the website to know the shipping charges applicable to products delivered in your country. A flat rate of shipping is applicable to a large number of countries. However, shipping may be higher for some countries in Eastern Europe, South America, and Africa.

In case a product changed by the customer on account of ill-fitting, shipping charges for returning the product back to us have to be borne by him. In some countries, import duty is levied on goods imported from foreign countries. If this is the case in your country, the responsibility of paying this tax or duty lies on you. Please check the rule for importing a product beyond a certain value before ordering it on our website. The rates of products mentioned on our website are excluding the shipping charges. Please order products keeping shipping charges in your mind